A range of vanities to suit every need

Our vanity range has no limits. We can manufacture vanities to any size and finish. We can create wall-hung vanities to give the perception of extra room, or we can create full height vanities for that extra storage space. All our vanities are custom made, so you are not restricted to standard sizes.

We also offer mirror cabinets which are a great way to clear up vanity space and give easy access to everyday products.

All tops are available, including Ceramic, Caesar Stone, Granite and Marble.

Our vanities and mirror cabinets are made to the highest standards and will be a great addition to that perfect bathroom!

“Unleash your imagination to explore the possibilities of your dream bathroom. Wake up to a Perfect Kitchens’ exclusive vanity.”

Vanities For New Bathrooms Or Renovations

At Perfect Kitchens we can supply and install vanities for brand new builds as well as home renovation projects. As all our vanities are made to order to your specifications, you can be guaranteed of a perfect fit for your bathroom every single time.

Just bring your visions and ideas for your bathroom to us and we’ll help you come up with the perfect vanity unit to suit your individual requirements and your personal style. With an unmatched range of colours, designs and materials to choose from, you’ll be in bathroom heaven with a vanity from PK.

All Budgets Are Catered For – Just Talk To Us About Your project

Not everybody is going to have the same budget to spend on a vanity unit for their bathroom. At Perfect Kitchens we can cater to suit your budget by simply looking at other affordable materials that look great.

Whether you have a lot to spend or a little, talk to us first before making any firm decisions and our team will come up with the very best vanity concept that will fit nicely within your proposed budget. Even if it’s just a simple unit, it can be styled to really add a touch of class to your bathroom space.

Vanity Tops

Both granite and marble have been favourites for many decades and these two natural stones are timeless. Granite is well known for its durability and strength, while marble is simply stunning.

Another option that looks just as great as these two natural stones is manufactured Caesar Stone.

It’s made primarily from quartz and comes in a dazzling array of colours and patterns to suit everyone’s tastes. It’s a more budget friendly alternative and has a non-porous finish, so it won’t stain or collect nasty grime. It’s also extremely scratch and chip resistant and is made to last.

Mirror Cabinets

Along with a wide variety of vanities we also offer mirror cabinets that can be made to suit any bathroom. Our mirror cabinet doors are made in a special way where the actual mirror is fused to the door material eliminating future erosion problems to the mirror.

We can custom make the mirror cabinets to suit your lifestyle. We can add cord access sections which allow you to use corded products while having the door closed. We can even create mirror cabinets with sandblasted sections that provide lighting through the mirror, just ask us how.