Innovative Storage Solutions

convoy lavidoCONVOY Lavido – will win your heart with its straightforward and open approach

Extremely flexible and elegant. CONVOY Lavido illustrates just how versatile the CONVOY system can be. Because it is compatible with any front panel, CONVOY Lavido is the ideal storage solution for all kinds of layouts, e.g. even behind sliding doors.

CONVOY Lavido is not just a means of storing products; it ensures they are presented in an attractive and emotionally appealing way. This elegant larder unit is suitable for use in modern kitchens as well as in dining areas or in the workplace, for example. The large number of intelligent details is exactly what you would expect from a product that claims to offer premium technology.

DISPENSA Junior – flexible storage in a base unit
dispensa junior

DISPENSA Junior is the ideal choice for staying abreast of today’s kitchen planning trends, and offers a previously unprecedented range of functions. A space that was the perfect spot for storing wine yesterday could become an ideal store cupboard area tomorrow. With its easy-to-use height adjustment facility and ability to swap the functional trays around, DISPENSA Junior has been designed to adapt precisely to whatever it is required to be used for, both enhancing its own usefulness and making the most of spaces.

LeMans – swings the contents out in front
Le Mans

An invention that generates ideas. LeMans is the only corner unit solution that combines very high space utilisation with outstanding access. No wonder, because LeMans trays swing right out in front of the cabinet. You can store a lot of pots and pans – and each one is always in easy reach. LeMans trays move independently of each other.

LeMans – cornering in style! The controlled and perfectly fluid sequence of movements is a seamless combination of turning and swinging, with trays moving independently and bringing the entire cabinet contents into easy reach!

MAGIC CORNER – If you don’t come to the corner, the corner will come to you!
magic corner

Precisely defined sequence of movements.
The truly “magic” solution for your corner. Although this has less to do with magic than it does with cleverness and technical refinement! MagicCorner is capable of housing two complete cabinet units next to each other in only one corner cabinet.

With one movement, the intelligent sliding technology simultaneously draws the front and the roll-out rack into the user’s view and access area. As one would expect of Kesseböhmer, this takes place in a smooth, silent flowing motion. Closing almost takes place by itself, as well. A slight nudge is sufficient – then SoftStopp ensures a hushed and soft closure.

tandemTANDEM – Two cabinets behind one door

TANDEM offers completely new options for storing supplies – and much more! Opening the cabinet door will trigger one of those thrilling moments. Employing an intelligent pull-out technology, the rear shelves are automatically drawn towards the user, creating an impressive overview of easily accessable supplies. Abundant storage space is even a feature exhibited by the door shelving!